Changing the Culture

John Dorsey, Alex Smith & Andy Reid

In the wake of the Chiefs getting all six draft picks signed, sealed and delivered, Kansas City Chiefs General Manager, John Dorsey, is re-defining the concept of signing draft picks and building a complete 53-man roster.

In years past, Kansas City Chiefs fans had to wonder if any of their draft picks would show up to training camp on time. Former GM's, Carl Peterson and Scott Pioli, loved the contract circus and often played it out until the very end.

However, that didn't make the fan base very happy. Under the guidance of Peterson fans dealt with long contract holdouts with first round picks, John Tait and Dwayne Bowe. Under Pioli he didn't get third round draft pick, Justin Houston, under contract until a week into training camp just a few years ago.

Well those times are changing in Kansas City. With second year General Manager, John Dorsey, in charge those lengthy contract holdouts are a thing of the past.

By already securing the future rights to draftees, Cornerback Phillip Gaines, Running Back De'Anthony Thomas, Quarterback Aaron Murray and offensive lineman, Zach Fulton and Laurent Duverney-Tardiff, the new guard is showing the old guard how to take care of business.

Add that with the signing Saturday of first round pick Dee Ford, Dorsey has created a brand new order in Kansas City.

Now in his second year Dorsey has an eye on the future of the Chiefs. Though he was riddled with cap dollar restrictions in 2014, he did manage to add much needed speed to the roster via the draft and enough low priced veterans to bulk up KC's roster. In other words, especially on the free agent level, he threw out some darts and hopes they can stick and contribute this season.

It remains to be seen if Dorsey's offseason plan will bare fruit this season but you can't disagree with his plan. After all, you can sign all the high prized free agents your team can afford but that doesn't mean they'll make an impact on your 53-man roster.

As I stated before, the Chiefs are rebuilding. They have the luxury after last season to expedite the path from division extinction two years ago to annual playoff contender in 2014 and beyond. That's happened because Dorsey has a plan to rebuild the entire Chiefs roster from top to bottom.

Last year Dorsey had little choice but to buy some players. This off-season, cap dollar restrictions aside, he went back to his Green Bay Packers roots and began the process of re-tooling the roster after getting a first hand look at the players he inherited and added himself - that made up the 2013 Chiefs.

The Chiefs were a surprise team a year ago and Dorsey knew better than anyone else could in regards to his overall evaluations entering the season, he had to be shocked things started out so well for this team. After going 9-0, the Chiefs clearly didn't end the season the way he or his head coach, Andy Reid, wanted. But the seeds of the future were clearly planted.

But to get those players to blossom into game day playmakers is of the utmost importance right now. It helps that Dorsey was able to get all of his draft picks signed early enough they have time to blend in with the veterans. Still he has some work to do getting a few veterans under contract for the long term.

To that end, it will be interesting to see how the Chiefs attack the contracts of veteran Quarterback, Alex Smith, and the aforementioned Houston throughout the year. Both can be free agents after the season.

However, which ever side of the fence you sit on Dorsey's ability to get them signed long term without breaking the cap bank or rebuild this roster, Chiefs fans have to feel confident they're in good hands with the man in charge of writing the checks.

Do you agree with John Dorsey's approach?

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