Not Done Yet

Not Done Yet

After selecting Dee Ford in the first round of the 2014 NFL Draft, it didn't take fans very long to wonder if he was eventually going to take over for incumbent All Pro Linebacker, Tamba Hali. Well that may be the case someday but the veteran plans to give it his all this season for the Chiefs and help his young protégée every chance he gets.

The Kansas City Chiefs aren't ones to shy away from competition on the 53-man roster. When Head Coach, Andy Reid and General Manager, John Dorsey, took over the reigns in 2014, they made it clear no player should take anything for granted in regards to a roster spot.

In the case of Linebacker, Tamba Hali, that statement hits home and direct. Over the next two seasons, the Chiefs sack master is going to earn a lot of money. His future in Kansas City is anything but a long-term certainty.

Don't get me wrong I'm not pushing him out the door just yet because Hali feels like he has some unfinished business in Kansas City. And I for one, would like to see him complete his Chiefs mission.

"It's a year-to-year thing for me. It's all about winning this championship," Hali told reporters on Wednesday.

"I haven't been that focused on winning a championship, but I wish I knew the reality right now of where I am in my career. You get older and guys like Tony Gonzalez taking off and looking to win a championship. It's very important right now that our focus is to win a championship. We can't sell ourselves short; we have the best coach in the game. I mean, come on," he said.

So often players' loose sight of the ultimate prize. For Hali, who has spent his entire NFL career with the Chiefs, he's reached the post season on only two occasions in 2010 and last season. Both games ended in defeats.

That bad taste of those losses remain and they clearly motivate Hali who wants his teammates to play with a much bigger sense of urgency in 2014.

"I know a few guys that do and I hope everybody feels the same way. Honestly, we really should be able to pass this onto the younger guys as fast as we can, because they have to understand that this thing is not for long. We have a little time here to enjoy ourselves, but at the same time, in the same sense be able to accomplish a goal," Hali stated.

Those are good things for Hali to say but this reality still exists, Hali is on the downside of his NFL career. With both Justin Houston and Dee Ford, playing the same position, it would be easy for Hali to mind his own business and be selfish. But that's not his style. Instead, he embraced Houston three years ago and has already taken Ford under his wing this year.

"Oh, I have to help this guy," Hali said about his rookie teammate. "The Chiefs have been loyal to me and kept me here for a long time even when I had three sacks in my career. They still believed in my talent and kept me around. The best thing I can do with the knowledge that I've acquired is to pass it onto these guys."

Even though the writing may be on the wall for Hali after the 2014 season, which could include NFL retirement or playing for another team in 2015, he's not about to let that derail the present nor make him work any less harder to get ready for the now.

"I've done this a long time. I don't come with the talent that these guys come with is to work at it but I understand what's at hand," Hali said.

How many sacks do you think Hali will garner in 2014 in KC?

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