Cornerback Shuffle

Sean Smith & Andy Reid

When news broke Tuesday that Kansas City Chiefs Cornerback, Sean Smith, had been arrested last Monday and then on Friday the team parted ways with pro bowl Cornerback, Brandon Flowers, the Chiefs secondary is about to get a new look.

During the week the basis of my comments on the arrest of Kansas City Chiefs Cornerback, Sean Smith, were epic in thought. I had planned to use the Superman metaphor that some NFL players believe exists within their own layer of consciousness.

But I decided, what's the point.

Everything has already been said about pro athletes thinking they can do whatever they want and no harm will come to them. When that occurs its drives the fan fascination meter to another level when their sports heroes have their mug shots taken by local police. I'll never understand why some millionaire athletes think it's ok to drive a car while intoxicated, hang out with the wrong entourage or do anything perceived to be even remotely illegal - that could jeopardize their NFL careers.

Regardless of either situation, the events of this week in Kansas City ultimately will change the face of the Chiefs secondary. Smith, if found guilty, will likely face a two-four game suspension to start the season and Flowers will be with another NFL team.

That means the Chiefs starting unit might consist of second year man, Marcus Cooper and rookie, Phillip Gaines. Backing them up would be veterans, Chris Owens (more on him in a minute) and Ron Parker.

Now that doesn't sound so formidable does it?

Well it might not but all gloom and doom either.

The loss of Flowers does hurt the Chiefs defense but only in perception. I think Ownes is twice the slot corner that Flowers is at this point in their respective careers.

After a six-year run in Kansas City, Flowers abilities had descended to an average level. He lost his starting role to an undrafted rookie a year ago and was forced to play inside because he wasn't a true shutdown corner.

Granted he was paid like one. But his lack of size and physical skills, didn't quite match the $50 million bank roll the Chiefs gave him a few years ago.

For Smith, all $18 million of his contract is virtually guaranteed so he's stuck in Kansas City for 2014 and 2015. Last year Smith was a bust for the Chiefs. He looked slow, often out of place, and outside of the Buffalo Bills game, didn't show any of the talents that made him one of the games best young cornerbacks when he was a member of the Miami Dolphins.

So where does that leave the Chiefs secondary.

I have no idea.

Cooper could bounce back from his mid-season woes, Gaines could become the next, Albert Lewis, and Owens might prove me correct that he's a better cornerback than Flowers.

Those are a multitude of what if scenarios but you have to believe the Chiefs coaching staff knows what they have within the group. Plus the cupboard isn't completely bare. Kansas City does have second year man, Saunders Commings, in a position to compete for playing time in 2014.

He spent his entire rookie season battling injuries and surgery. He should be ready to shake off the rust and bring his hard-hitting style to the Chiefs defense.

For those that have no patience with Smith, I can see your case clearly. After his arrest, he has a lot to prove to himself and the teammates he let down. For Flowers, his service was appreciated but the $7.5 million cap savings the Chiefs have in their war chest will help salt away deals with Quarterback, Alex Smith and Linebacker, Justin Houston.

I read a post from an avid Chiefs fan this morning that Kansas City is in the midst of their worst off-seasons in team history. That might be the case in some eyes but the cleansing of the roster has to continue and Flowers was hardly the beginning of that trend - it started well over a year ago.

The Chiefs new brass under Head Coach, Andy Reid and General Manager, John Dorsey, are attempting to shake off decades of losing in Kansas City. That means some unpopular changes have to be made and thus the roster shakeups will likely extend beyond Flowers this year and more high priced veterans will get the axe next off-season.

Fans better get a grip that times are changing in Kansas City and the football team, that has generally been void of game changing playmakers, especially on defense, will be a constant evolution of change until the team has defensive players that can shine when the game is on the line.

After all, how many big game stops did KC's defense make in the second half of the season last year in the fourth quarter, I can't think of a single one.

Case closed!

Will Chiefs part ways with Sean Smith as well?

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