Only Option is Looking Ahead

Only Option is Looking Ahead

St. Joseph, MO - It didn’t take long for Kansas City Chiefs Head Coach, Andy Reid, to get asked about last season’s playoff meltdown. In listening to his answer, it would indicate he wants no part of the past and only has his eye on the future.

Usually it takes a Head Coach a couple of practices in training camp to offer up any choice comments for the local media to attach to the daily grind of articles that seem mundane this time of year. But when you get a slam-dunk out of the gate that tells me Andy Reid is all business.

Monday morning, quarterbacks and rookies will be on the practice field in St. Joseph. On Sunday, Reid was already in mid-season form bantering with the media. It’s a sign that Kansas City has indeed moved past their 2013 season and the man in charge of making sure the team continues to evolve into a consistent winning franchise seemed to took it for what it’s worth – a learning experience.

But when asked again about that dreaded Colts playoff disaster, Reid made it clear how he’s felt ever since that fateful January day when his defense surrendered a 28-point second half lead.

”I told you guys this. I thought for a young team, we are like the second youngest team in the National Football League. I mean, we were sitting there, what can we learn from that? Heck, there’s a ton you can learn from that game right there on how to finish. You have to know how to do that,” Reid chimed.

“There is no time to let your foot off the accelerator. That can make us a better team going forward. That I think is a positive. As much as it hurt and hurts when you lose any game and particularly a playoff game, those hurt, but at the same time, it’s something you can learn and build on for this coming year.”

I mean did anyone expect a different answer?

There isn’t a man in that locker room who won’t be asked that question over the next three weeks. Training camp is the place where you say what the fans want to hear but not necessarily how you actually feel. The words spoken are filler for the hoards of media that cover every NFL training camp.

However, Reid doesn’t’ quite have the same luxury. Though I will give him extreme credit because at times he does offer up some direct honesty to the press. Still heading into his second training camp in Kansas City it’s good to see he hasn’t lost any of his edge.

“We weren’t good enough last year. We made some strides, but we weren’t good enough. Guys know that and they came into the off-season looking forward to getting better and the coaches, we didn’t do a good enough job there so we went back and reevaluated some things and now we get to play. We get to put those things to use here and see if we can’t be a better football team. That’s exciting. That’s what it’s all about,” Reid stated.

No matter how you slice up the 2013 season or the upcoming one in Kansas City, the next three weeks in St. Joseph, will likely shape the teams overall fortunes in 2014. The schedule is tougher, the talent on the roster is better and expectations, though tempered, still exist.

To those points, Reid could care less about any of it. All that matters is getting his team ready to get the work done in training camp, decipher the roster candidates in four meaningless exhibition games and get ready for the season opener against the Tennessee Titans.

Until then, we’re all going to have to endure a little to do about nothing. Because none of the questions we in the media are going to ask the coaches or players over the course of training camp, will be remotely answered until the regular season begins.

So in the interim, just enjoy the ride Chiefs fans!

Photo Credits: John Rieger & Denny Medley USA Today Sports

Will the rest of the players follow Reid's lead and look ahead?

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