Say What Tony?

Former Kansas City Chiefs tight end, Tony Gonzalez, made some waves in the heartland after he predicted the Denver Broncos would go through the entire 2014 season undefeated. Now some in this area took that as being disloyal while others felt it was arrogant. So which is it?

When CBS Sports management made sweeping changes to their 2014 pre-game show this past spring; some people were shocked by their broadcasting moves. Popular figures, Shannon Sharpe and Dan Marino, were jettisoned in favor of former Kansas City Chiefs and Atlanta Falcons Tight End, Tony Gonzalez and fellow retiree, Bart Scott.

But his recent comments, in an article published at Newsday, have raised a few eyebrows in the Chiefs nation when he eloquently anointed the Denver Broncos as a team that could challenge the Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots perfect regular season. Does he really believe they’ll go undefeated in 2014?

Judge for yourself.

"Right now, Denver has a team built just like the New England Patriots back when they went undefeated [in the 2007 regular season],'' said Gonzalez, the former All-Pro tight end when he was interviewed by Newsday on Tuesday.

But wait he wasn’t finished.

"In looking at Denver in the preseason and Peyton Manning's command of that offense, he'll pick up right where he left off last year. And defensively, they went out like good organizations do and addressed their weaknesses,” Gonzalez stated.

Of course he’s still two weeks away from making his network debut on CBS but Gonzalez has always been a polarizing person. So what if he predicted the enemy would go undefeated. Because the chances of that happening in the 2014 version of the NFL are slim to none.

Granted the New England Patriots did it in 2007 but that was a magical team playing in a terrible division with an offense that came to the stadium knowing they could put up 50 points on any opponent.

Those two things are ultimately the overriding factors in any team striving for perfection. But to presume the Broncos are going to go 6-0 in the AFC West and 4-0 against the NFC West, fall somewhere between ludicrous and improbable.

Still I have no issues with Gonzalez making the statements. His job is to bring attention to himself that brings attention to CBS. They aren’t paying him $2 million per year to sit in the background and be a ‘yes’ man. Nope they want him blasting away, throwing things against the wall to see what sticks.

Well these comments are sticking pretty solidly within the Chiefs nation. I guess for me, what really matters, isn’t what Gonzalez says today or over the next few years but throughout the season – should his prediction fall short.

If this current fascination with the Denver Broncos is a bandwagon thing, then rock on Tony. However, if you read into his last comments about the organization, he’s claiming will be perfect in 2014 that did address their weakness on defense; that might be a slam toward the Chiefs.

During his tenure in Kansas City the Chiefs weren’t exactly aggressive in free agency or further, fixing some of their inherit weaknesses on the field. However, sometimes the ball doesn’t bounce your way and things go awry even with the best-laid off-season plans. That could be the case in Denver with their dream team.

Yes they upgraded their defense and offense. But they are still relying on a 38-year old quarterback. Peyton Manning, to lead them to perfection and a Super Bowl championship. And if you really sit back and think about that for a minute, that just doesn’t seem plausible in a sport where the young me are faster, stronger and more talented, than the older guys.

However, no matter which side of the fence the Chiefs nation rests on this very topic, I wouldn’t give it much thought unless Tony Gonzalez turns his back entirely on Kansas City week in and week out on the broadcasts.

If those words about the franchise that drafted him elevate throughout the course of the season, perhaps he still has an axe to grind with the Chiefs organization. Further, let’s hope it’s not a precursor for things to come.

Because the ultimate jaw dropping within the Chiefs nation about their former hero might become a defining roar of silence, should Gonzalez decide to enter the NFL Hall of Fame as a member of the Atlanta Falcons and not the Kansas City Chiefs.

Until that happens there’s really no point getting all upset about Gonzalez spewing whatever he things about the Chiefs or any other NFL team. So the hall of fame issue aside in Kansas City, anything he says is simply just good NFL banter and content filler for yours truly.

Photos of Tony Gonzalez (1) Mark J. Rebllas & (2) Denny Medley USA Today Sports

Do you view Tony Gonzalez differently now?

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