Chiefs Should Sign Russell

Russell in KC?

With all the talk in the offseason about the Chiefs possible interest in Brady Quinn and Jimmy Clausen, Kansas City may have another quarterback option. Thursday marked the end of the JaMarcus Russell era in Oakland and Kansas City would be wise to sign the former Raider.

There may not be a more talented under-achieving third string quarterback in the NFL like former Raider JaMarcus Russell. And he's free to any team that wants to sign the 24-year old former first overall draft pick.

Seriously, the Chiefs aren't likely to take my suggestion seriously but they should. Sure he has hideous mechanics, he's overweight, not the most intelligent field general I've seen; but he's 2-0 at Arrowhead as a starter.

How many wins does current Chiefs starter Matt Cassel and his back-up Brodie Croyle have in Kansas City? The same NUMBER as Russell. Cassel has two in 2009 and Croyle has never won at Arrowhead.

So why not take the risk on Russell?

I mean how much fun would it be if new offensive coordinator Charlie Weis can turn Russell into a legitimate NFL starting quarterback. I mean would that not be the biggest slap in the face to Raiders front man Al Davis.

Remember how mad he was when Marcus Allen jumped from the Raiders to the Chiefs. Davis was convinced that Allen was washed up so he let him go and Allen tortured the Raiders every time they faced the Chiefs over and over again. Davis was at the forefront of the Russell selection even though many NFL scouts thought he'd be a bust.

The problem with Russell is that he really never ran a pro set offense at LSU. He's known as a street quarterback. He'd get in the huddle and tell his receivers to just get open and they'd churn up big yards when they improvised by throwing the ball all over the field. That won't work in the NFL, though I'd love to see a wild offense like that from the Chiefs.

Russell, if he's going to salvage his NFL career, really needs to go the right team that can motivate him to get his weight under control, change his attitude, rid him of his entourage and find a way to make him humble.

The Chiefs should try to salvage
Russell's career in KC.


The team that does just that might get a nice surprise some day.

Russell isn't a bad kid. But he went to arguably the worst organization in football. I think that one factor, not a lack of talent, had more to do with his failures in Oakland than anything else.

This morning every one is making comparisons of Russell to former Quarterback busts like Ryan Leaf, Akili Smith and Heath Shuler. But that's not fair. He's far more talented than any of them.

So will the Chiefs make a run for Russell?

I hope they do if for no other reason than to add a fourth quarterback for training camp and to stick it to Al Davis. It would also give the Chiefs some interesting press and it would put some pressure on Cassel and Croyle.

And imagine this scenario. The Chiefs end the season at Arrowhead on January 2nd. Kansas City and Oakland could be battling for one of the final AFC playoff spots and what if Cassel and Croyle are both hurt. Wouldn't it be something if Russell steps up and beats his former team and sends them back to west coast after a humiliating loss? Recommended Stories