They're Comin' to Kansas City

The San Diego Chargers are coming to Arrowhead stadium this Sunday in the franchises' 105th meeting and I'm sure this meeting will be another one to chalk up as a downright brawl just like they've been through the decades.

The only other team in the NFL that the Chiefs had played more is the Oakland (Los Angeles) Raiders and we all know what those games have been like.

The Chiefs hold a slight margin in the victory department against San Diego with 52 wins, 51 losses and a single tie since their first match up in the early sixties. KC, however, holds a 23-17 edge when it comes to games played at the Truman Sports Complex.

So, that being said, no matter what the naysayers in the sports books in Vegas may say, the Chargers have a monumental task ahead of them if they think can come into our house and beat our team!

The Southern California football team is coming off a mighty thrashing offered up by the same guys that routed the Chiefs in week one, the Atlanta Falcons. They come into Arrowhead ripe for the picking and in need of a little moral support. But don't think for a second, they'll find it anywhere within the confines of Kansas City.

The sour taste in our mouth for the Chargers goes back as long as I can remember. It came to light for me as a child at Municipal stadium on Brooklyn street when people put together dummies of San Diego players and hung them from a rope and lit them a blaze. Yes sir, those were the good old days, when instead of "fire bad," fire was good.

Of course, I had no idea that would garner any thoughts of the 60‘s of burning the flag or what they meant in regards to free speech.

All I know was, if you jumped up and down on those rackety bleachers hard enough, you could actually feel them shake back and forth like they were going to collapse.

In the modern days of this gladiator sport and NFL Cathedrals, there's no place you can sit where you can get that same intimate bleacher moving feel. However, noise can be had in Arrowhead and the cement structure can still take a punch.

So will the Arrowhead Chiefs fans be able to do on Sunday what we did as kids in Municipal Stadium?

Well, let's wait until halftime, when the Chiefs are up by a couple of touchdowns on the Chargers. And as the second half unfolds, with the Chiefs scoring at will on offense and dominating on defense, that we can revel in the fact, San Diego is going to think twice about ever returning to the heartland in the years ahead with any confidence.

Because on Sunday, the Chiefs are going to make the ultimate turn around and go from last to first in the AFC West. And better yet, they'll do it against the team that was once the Premier Power Broker in the division.

How big our special teams for the Chiefs fortunes in 2012?

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