Chiefs Bills Recap: Winning Ugly Works

Photo: Timothy T. Ludwig USA Today Sports

The best part about watching the Chiefs play football this season is you certainly get a workout. Your blood pressure and heart rate tend to spike, your vocal cords get scratchy, you use the word God in a less than flattering way and lastly you end the game with a smile.

After nine weeks the Kansas City Chiefs stand a perfect 9-0. They extended that win streak by defeating a pesky and talented Buffalo Bills team, 23-13. Yes it was very ugly at times and honestly mind bending that Head Coach, Andy Reid, refuses to run the ball until the fourth quarter.

Add that madness, with a Bob Sutton defensive scheme, that couldn't produce a single sack and gave up 470 offensive yards to a Bills team that had his Chiefs defenders on their heels for most of the game.

Third string Quarterback, Jeff Tuel, was nothing short of fantastic in the first half for Buffalo. However, when the Chiefs finally stopped the Bills on the ground, he was clearly overmatched in the fourth quarter when Kansas City finally put the game away.

Still the Chiefs defense had no answers early and honestly they looked a bit lost thinking they didn't have to attack Tuel. But when Buffalo, behind the terrific running of C.J. Spiller and Fred Jackson, nearly led the Bills to the NFL's biggest upset this weekend.

On the flip side of the ball for Kansas City, the Chiefs offense sputtered all afternoon long. For whatever reason, Jamaal Charles, didn't get multiple touches until the fourth quarter.

But the offense missed so many opportunities, including a whopper in the first half when the unfocused hands of wide receiver, Dexter McCluster, failed to haul in Smith's most beautiful long pass of the season. Had he caught the ball first before he tried to run, he would have walked into the end zone ending the first half 10-10. Instead, Kansas City went into the locker room down by a touchdown.

But you know what? I could care less about anything I just spewed. For those critics still knocking the Chiefs for narrowly defeating the Bills on a day they didn't play their best, they still won the game and that's the big stat nobody can ignore.

By winning on Sunday, the Chiefs move a game and a half up on Denver. With the bye week next weekend, they have two weeks to get ready for their Primetime showdown against the Broncos.

Before you go there don't even think it. I'm convinced all this madness to this point of the season, the Chiefs will play their best game of the year in facing their most heated division rival. I say that because what's at stake. If the Chiefs win, they'll be in the AFC West driver's seat and the race for home field advantage throughout the playoffs.

Listen I could list plenty of excuses for this football team and I could bend your ear for hours as to the luck that's been blessed upon this team by the NFL Gods. But one thing can't be denied; the Chiefs are a very good football team that possesses a potent resiliency to fend off the best of their opponents every week.

That's what's being missed by the national media. The Chiefs opponents, outside of the Jacksonville Jaguars and to some extent the New York Giants, played the best they could against Kansas City. Yet they all lost.

Finally healthy the Bills defense has one of the best defenses in the NFL. On Sunday, they held Quarterback, Alex Smith, to a pedestrian 124 yards passing and Charles rushed for just 90 yards.
Yet despite those numbers the Chiefs defense scored two touchdowns on the day. The first score came when cornerback, Sean Smith, picked off an errant pass from Tuel for a 100-yard dash to the end zone in the third quarter. Then a stanza later, Tamba Hali, picked up a loose ball in the fourth quarter when rookie cornerback, Marcus Cooper, stripped it away from Bills receiver, T.J. Graham.

I don't know what's happening in Kansas City right now but I'm not going to worry about it any longer. Even if the Chiefs lay an egg in Denver next week, they have room for error and certainly enough time to insure the next seven games are ones in which they are just as prepared to win as they've done in the first nine this season.

Ultimately, that fact might be the one item that's been overlooked by the big boys in the national media. The Chiefs play the game as if they expect to win it and could care less how they get it done.

Listen the Chiefs don't get many style points today but it doesn't matter. What does is they will remain the NFL's only unbeaten streak for at least two more weeks

With their break on tap and enough prep time for Denver, I will leave you with this undeniable fact, Chiefs Head Coach is a mind numbing 13-1 after the Bye Week.

If I'm the Broncos, who face the Chargers next weekend in San Diego without their head coach, John Fox, they simply can't fall behind the Chiefs by two games.

I've said it since January this Chiefs team was being constructed by Reid and General Manager, John Dorsey, to defeat the Broncos in 2013 and beyond.

Well that time is finally here. In two weeks, we'll see if their 9-0 streak was a fluke or just the opening act for the Chiefs primetime match up against the team everyone maintains is still the NFL's top Super Bowl contender.

So for the next two weeks, all everyone in Kansas City has to say in regards to the biggest game this franchise has played in a decade - BRING ON THE BRONCOS!

All that matters now is focusing on Denver.

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